Has an answer been found for people looking for the man or woman of their dreams? Danielle O'Neil, the owner of the Love Of Your Life computer dating service, thinks so. For the past few years she has been helping people all over America find their perfect match. "People are often too busy nowadays to go out and meet one another," explains O'Neil. "Our computer dating service has helped many couples get together ."
Computer dating has been around for about ten years. Men and women go to agencies like Love of Your Life and are asked questions about themselves. Their answers go into a computer, and they are matched with others who have answered similarly.
Vincent P. is one man who thinks computer dating is the best way for him to meet the right woman. "It's always been very difficult for me to ask a woman out on a date. Computer dating has made my life so much easier." Tina and Al are another computer dating success story. They've just celebrated their third wedding anniversary, thanks to Danielle O'Neil.
However, not all the stories have happy endings. For Annette Lee, forty-four, computer dating has not worked. "They sent me out with quite a few men I didn't get along with at all!" says the disappointed woman. "And it was very extensive, too. I won't use a computer dating service again, because I can't afford it. In my youth, marriages were arranged by the parents of the bride and groom. I think these traditional customs were much better!"