The first step in sending a parcel is to find a box, a large envelope, or some strong paper in which your parcel may be wrapped. Make sure that it is wrapped properly, or the post office will not accept it.
Next, decide which kind of delivery is best, according to how urgently the package is needed. Surface mail, which sends parcels by boat, is the cheapest, but also the slowest. Regular airmail is faster, but may not be good for heavy packages. If you want your parcel to be delivered by the next weekday, it should be sent express.
If you choose the regular mail service, and you have a scale and stamps at home, you can simply call the post office to find out how much postage is needed. Then, all you have to do is place your parcel in the nearest mailbox and with luck, it will be delivered on time. If, however, you choose the express service or surface mail you will have to take your package to the post office, where it will be weighed and you will be told how much postage needs to be paid.